Boil, Multi-Expose and Shake The Film


Wanna try something wicked? Wanna try some experiment that will blast your mind? Boil your film, multi-expose with another camera and scan with cheap film scanner. Wacky and wicked result.

What You’ll Need
• 1 Roll Kodak Elitechrome Extra Color (EBX) 100
• High-temperature plastic bag
• Refrigerator
• Cheap film scanner (I bought it for only USD22.00)

Step One:
Put the roll of film into high-temperature plastic bag. Seal it. And then boil the film into the hot water (temperature around 80 – 100 degree Celsius). Wait for 5 – 8 minutes. Rinse the plastic bag and put into refrigerator.

Cold the film in refrigerator for about 12 hours and it MUST since the film emulsion needs to be fixed by cooling.

Step Two:
After that, load your film into the first camera (in this experiment, I use the Lomo LC-A+). Snap, snap and snap. Rewind the film and load into another camera (in this experiment, I use Gakkenflex Twin Lens Reflex) and again; snap, snap and snap the photo. Rewind the film.

Step Three:
Bring your film into any film laboratory. Develop it (cross process as normal). And after that scan with cheap film scanner. The cheap film scanner has low resolution and low scanning quality that will produce wacky, grain and weird color photo. Put some excitement while you wait for the result.

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  1. gitzkrieg
    gitzkrieg ·

    Hello there, from ur pictures u look like ur from Malaysia. Mind if I ask where u get films ?

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