Fuji Cheki 55 -Staff Review


Instant photography fans mourned over the loss of Polaroid. Luckily, Fuji saved the day with their Fuji ‘Cheki’ line of instant cameras. The Cheki 55i is the most sophisticated of the ‘Cheki’ family with its’ unique features.

The Cheki 55i is the most modern of the Fuji Instax Mini family. Compared to the other instant cameras, this one’s slimmer and smaller in size, and designed to take landscape or portrait photos the size of a credit card. Self-portraits and group shots are no longer a problem, since it’s equipped with a self-timer up to two consecutive shots. At a press of the button, illumination lights flash to warn you when the photo is about to be taken – giving you enough time to pose or join the group for an instant photo.

Equipped with the superior Fujinon lens, the Cheki 55i guarantees sharp images, paired with the credit card-sized Fuji Instax Mini film. At 800ISO, you get fine-grained images with naturally bright colors. The instant camera also boasts an automatic exposure control, with the option to Lighten/Darken a photo in just a press of a tiny button.

Another interesting feature is the included close-up lens. Simply slip it over the lens and confidently take sharp photos from approx. 30cm away. When the lighting conditions aren’t favourable, the intelligent flash provides natural illumination to photos without the harshness of usual flash photography. It’s important to remember though, that distance should be considered during indoor/nighttime shots. Even when the flash is activated, the photos will come out too dark if you’re too far away. So move closer to the camera – it’s more fun to gather your friends and try to squeeze everyone in for a quick picture, anyway!

written by shhquiet on 2008-10-29 #gear #review #instax #cheki #instant-photography #staff #fuji


  1. gumballmadness
    gumballmadness ·

    zoo byuuutipuuull!

  2. cinzinc
    cinzinc ·

    have u ever tried using an expired film pack on the fuji instant cameras? wud be alright just like an expired film in a fisheye? wud it stil produce a picture? wud it, how, wat if, can it? u get me me.hehe. let me know! =)

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