Carnaval + Analogue = FUN!

Carnaval in Rio is a HUGE thing but who would imagine that a carioca could not like Carnaval!? But at least, he loves analogue pictures!

As it’s done every year, my family and I left our home on Saturday morning to watch the “Bola Preta”, one of the oldest and most popular street Carnival bands in Rio. But since this group has became more and more popular over the past few years there were 2 million people on the streets! And it was a little too crowded!!

But for those who like the carnival that’s ok. It’s part of the fun… It’s something you can get through. But, if you are not a big fan and you are in a crowded place, soaking wet it can be a little boring. And in this situation we had the first man down! My dad turns to me and mom and says “Ok, can’t stay here! I’ll be in the Antique Market and I’ll see you later”, and he left.

We stayed there for a couple more hours. It was a lot of people but also kid of fun! Hours later, when we got home my dad comes to the door and says: “I made the best deal after I left you guys! Look what I bought for only 30 reais (about 15 US$)!” And he shows us a classical Olympus Pen Half- frame 1962 that came with a Kodak 400 film. We couldn’t belive it because the camera was so cute, and we really wanted a half- frame for our collection!

Since the camera was way to cheap we were wondering if it worked ok! But as you can see… It was more than fine! And from that day on the “not very in-to carnival man” started to go to all the parties at least to test his new purchase!

written by maymosciaro on 2011-03-23 #lifestyle #carnaval #rio-de-janeiro #1962 #olympus-pen #2011

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