Hasselblad 503CW Gold (Limited Edition) For Sale


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Once I was scouring through eBay for cheap deals and more analogue cameras to feed my insatiable appetite for everything analogue. As usual, I had arranged the items by “Price + Shipping Lowest 1st.” But then I tried clicking on the other option, “Price + Shipping HIGHEST 1st,” and lo and behold, I laid my eyes on a wonder of wonders, the holy grail of Analogue cameras, the legendary Hasselblad 503CW Gold Supreme Camera.

Photos via eBay

The price on eBay starts at a measly US $5,499.95!

I am adding below an excerpt from the Hasselblad site itself:

Hasselblad celebrates 60th Anniversary of People’s Republic of China with 503CW 18 karat Gold Limited Edition.

The first camera of a series of 60 units covering all years from 1949 – 2009, the number 1949, was donated to the photo department of Xinhua News Agency. Xinhua is the world’s largest news agency, running over 100 offices worldwide and over 30 offices in all provinces of China. Xinhua reporters had used Hasselblad equipment since the 50ties of the 20th Century and continue to be an active user of Hasselblad cameras. With the special unit, Hasselblad also honored the fact that Mainland China with is lively artistic scene and strong photographic culture remains a major market for Hasselblad products until today. In fact 2 journalists and photographers from China are members of the international jury for the reputed Hasselblad Masters photography competition.

The Beijing event took place shortly before Hasselblad celebrated the 40th Anniversary of the moon landing with the Apollo 11 space mission by launching the new camera series H4D and Phocus 2.0 in Orlando, Florida.

You can read more about this legendary camera as well as watch the launch at www.hasselbladusa.com.

Buy it if you can afford it. It’s a valuable piece of analogue history!

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    cgi.ebay.com/Hasselblad-30-Year-Gold-Exclusive-500C-M-500CM… eBay link here incase ur feeling rich :)

  4. pushkar
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    cgi.ebay.com/Hasselblad-30-Year-Gold-Exclusive-500C-M-500CM… eBay link here incase ur feeling rich :)

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