Vivian Maier on Cover of Q Magazine

Q magazine (maart 2011) in Utrecht, the Netherlands features Vivian Maier, including a cover shot. Check out the scans after the jump!

I was in the supermarket doing some groceries when I saw that well know photo. Printed. On the cover of a magazine. The first time I saw this shot was in the youtube video about John Maloof discovering a street art photographer: Vivian Maier. He said it was so far his favorite photograph she took. And now it is there, next to me in a supermarket in Utrecht, the Netherlands. By accident.

Normally the magazine is part of Het Financieele Dagblad, included in the newspaper. But this one was laying on top, separate from the paper itself, as if it wanted to be seen by me. I asked the nice woman behind the cassa if I could have it and she agreed. The article informs about how Maloof discovered Maiers work and shows next to a self portrait of her ten more photos in circa 15×15cm.

Maybe if you are living in the Netherlands and are lucky you can still get a copy of the magazine.

written by mephisto19 on 2011-03-14 #news #vivian-maier-the-netherlands-nederland-dutch-analogue-magzine-newspaper-street-photography-article-financieele-dagblad

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