Trip to Kiluan Bay


Treat yourself to a relaxing getaway in Kiluan Bay, where you can find unspoiled beaches with smooth, powdery white sand that is reminiscent of milk…:)

In my town there is a bay, named Kiluan Bay. It has unspoiled beaches, with white sand so smooth and fine that it reminds you of milk. There you can swim and enjoy the underwater panorama filled with lively marine life. While it is located quite far from my nation’s capital, Jakarta, the trip is well worth the effort. You must first come to Jakarta, then cross by boat to Bandar Lampung, my city. If by any chance you do decide to come over, do not forget to contact me. I can be your guide! Enjoy!

written by mojo_lomo on 2011-03-25 #places #location #travel-tips #lgc


  1. hervinsyah
    hervinsyah ·


  2. mojo_lomo
    mojo_lomo ·

    @hervinsyah ayo kesana, gak nyesel! klo pny underwater bisa foto & trip lumba2.. :D

  3. dreadlockboy
    dreadlockboy ·

    wah sayangnya g pnya underwater :)

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