I love photos that capture a moment in time, those un-staged, un-posed windows into a split second in history where people are being truly themselves. Instances of pure passion, pure honesty, undistorted and captured forever in a single frame. This is why Lomography and its analogue lifestyle inspires me. Digital photography can be monitored, edited, deleted – analogue is burnt into the film and is truly frozen forever in time.

I find it fascinating to see how people act when they are unaware that they are being watched. Sometimes you can see something beautiful in a girl that you would otherwise have missed or an awkwardness or nervousness in the guy who thinks he’s ‘Super Cool’.

It’s difficult, however, to capture these points in time without disturbing nature, I’m sure we all know what it feels like to try and take a photo of someone being themselves and doing something truly amazing, like laughing hard at a joke at a party, before they notice the camera and start posing. It’s frustrating but you have to roll with it. If you try and be too sly people think you’re a weirdo…

Here are a few of my own moments where I dodged the poses, and a little about why I love them.

This is a photo of the lead singer of the Death Metal band Suicide Silence. I’m proud of how this came out, mainly because it was the most off-hand, point-and-shoot picture that I took that evening, and it came out the best. To me that’s the pure definition of a ‘moment in time’. I had no clue how it would turn out, I literally stuck my camera in the air, in his face, and click… It also happened to earn me a Spinner 360 camera :)

The second shot is of fans at the same show. The guy was banging his head so hard to the music, he loved it! I am so happy I caught his hair frozen in mid-air, it was that motion that I wanted to capture and the hair makes the shot. The girl was also having so much fun (she wasn’t laughing at him, rather looking at him for approval of how AWESOME Suicide Silence were that night.)

This is the first photo I took with my Diana that I really liked. This guy has true dedication, I suppose you’d have to if you were busking for your money, but of all the places to choose… over the Thames on a windy day in the middle of winter… wearing a KILT!! He’s a stronger man than I am…

Another lucky shot. I was taking some photos of skaters outside my hotel in Barcelona and decided to brave a close up. A split second later and this photo would have been amazing with the board fully in mid air, but I was happy that I caught the beginning of the launch. Nothing says ‘frozen in time’ more than capturing part of a movement which in real life lasts only fraction of a second.

The second photo is another example of a frozen moment. Like a surreal cricket match on pause… I love how the ball is in mid air, the bowler still in mid action whilst the girl has her penis (i mean bat) raised and ready.

Both of these photos were taken during Pop Punk band Such Gold’s first ever London Show. To me they display exactly the reason why I love going to tiny shows where the fans are really passionate about the bands. You can see it written in their faces as they sing their hearts out… I particularly love the passion on the second guy’s face, he was in his element the whole night… and wow I literally only just noticed as I type – there is a guy in the background stage diving.

My friend hates this photo of her, but I love it (despite the framing being off). OK so she was a little drunk, but to be fair, it was her birthday. She loves to laugh, but hates having her photo taken. I absolutely love laughing photos. Ones where you can tell they were truly happy about something. And this was my chance to get my own shot, I had my camera in hand, she laughed at some lame joke I told and BAM I blinded her with my Diana. Sorry buddy, but I got a great laughing shot of you.

This is one of those lucky moments where the natural lighting is just great. I was on an LC-A workshop with the LGS London. Kiera, one of the resident Lomographers at the store, was looking at these cool little Chinese statues. The glow from the stand illuminated her face and gave it a soft glow. She had no clue I was taking the picture and was genuinely intrigued by the souvenirs – purely natural.

Taking photos of someone sleeping is probably the easiest way to capture them at their most natural. These guys banter pretty much all the time and it was a rare moment to see them where you knew they weren’t putting on any front. I particularly like the fact that he is oblivious to the girls in their bikinis… lazy days in the sun…

Finally, I went to the student protests in London purely to take photos. I thought it would be a great opportunity to capture many moments of passion. Sadly, there was more posing than I had hoped and I only got a couple of truly honest shots. This is my favourite of the lot, particularly because I feel it captures the feelings that these students felt on the day. They are clearly angry… and the girl in the red coat doesn’t look how you imagine an angry protester to look like, yet she is there, shouting harder than anyone around her, showing her true emotions.

Do you have any particular ‘moments’ you think I might like? I’d love to see them!

I wonder if Team Lomo would make this into a Rumble?

written by atreyuthechild on 2011-05-28 #music #lifestyle #vignette #frozen #live #passion

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