(City Jewel Undiscovered Location) Jungle Junction

Bovu Island is home to jungle junction, the perfect getaway for anyone looking to relax and submerge themselves into nature. You step out of the pick-up and you are already thrown in to island life. You pack all your bags, belongings, and yourselves onto a makoro (a thin canoe-like boat dug out of a tree) and head out for paradise.

I was so paranoid that we would just flip right over but this was not a concern as I came to see. We arrived on the island by the bar area and were shown to our rooms which were bamboo chalets looking over the river. The island is covered in white sand and does live up to its name of being a jungle.

We met back at the bar area a while later and went on a sunset makoro ride with a big bowl of popcorn up the river, this was absolutely beautiful. At night, you are lulled to sleep by the sounds of the river and frogs. You can self-cater or be catered for, all the catered meals are proper home meals made by a lady called Alice from the Palace. We even went into the nearest village and were treated to a local lunch there, some pap, pumpkin leaves, tomato relish, and of course we ate with our hands.

In the village there was a make-shift school that was the church building aside from a few hours in the morning when the kids would arrive. We went and taught a class one morning on drawing your favourite animal. The kids were amazing and had all that needed to be taught in English from a young age. We took some soccer balls along with us and during recess, all went out to play with them.

We went on lots of walks on the island and on the mainland, to bird watch and just get a feeling of the natural environment. There is no electricity on the island so be sure to pack a torch for any late-night exploring, this is also great for photographing the stars and their movement as there are no interfering lights from anywhere. We just set up the tripod and with the lovely bulb mode, were able to get some great shots.

The island is really a place that everyone should add to their destination list. The accommodation is affordable, the food is great, and the people are lovely!

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