Heart Pounding Zimbabwe

For those looking for adventure all you need do is enter no man’s land between the Zambian and Zimbabwean border posts. There lies a bridge with one of the most spectacular bungee jumps, swings, and zip lines.

Between Zambia and Zimbabwe sits a very historic bridge that connects the countries over a mighty gorge. As you get midway on this border bridge you will see a sign ‘Now Entering Zimbabwe’, The Victoria Falls is shared by Zambia and Zimbabwe, they each show a different edge of the mighty long falls!

Before deciding on what heart pounding, adrenaline pumping activities we would attempt, we went to Victoria Falls Town in Zimbabwe to have a look. As many of you may know, the Zimbabweans have dropped their currency and you can buy a collection of their notes from anywhere between $1 to $5 and be a trillionaire 5 times over just like that.

The town is small but has some great sculptures spotted around. We had some lunch in a place that reduced their prices over Valentine’s Day – not increased them, which is almost unheard of and then carried on our stroll past the train tracks and to some of the local markets.

Upon heading back to No Man’s Land Bridge, my stomach had dropped and I faced the fact that I would not be able to do the bungee, as it turns out, I am not that brave. Instead, we decided to do a zip line across the gorge. I was still terrified to do this but when it was all happening it was so much fun that I wanted to do it again! Alas it was time to head back into Zambia.

Along the walk up to the passport control buildings there was a flash of green and blue that flew in the distance and then another, me and my boyfriend were most excited as our entire trip we had been looking for one bird that can only be found in that small region of Southern Africa – the Schawlow’s Touraco. It was so awesome that on our last day there when we had admitted defeat over not finding it that it showed itself to us.

So if you ever find yourself in this side of the world become a trillionaire, be brave and adventurous and always keep an eye open for the unexpected.

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