Elephant Encounters - The Chobe Reserve!


Home to one of the largest elephant populations, this reserve never has a dull moment. Safari here we come! Having never been on a real safari, it was decided that the Chobe Game Reserve would be an ideal park to have my first experience. Me and my boyfriend drove from Zambia to the Kazungula border post where we were taken across the river to Botswana.

We had booked a tour beforehand and the open-air vehicles were waiting to pick us up as soon as we had landed our feet on Botswana soil. We first headed for the headquarters where we had some breakfast and got all the admin out of the way. Our first experience was a 3-hour boat ride up the Chobe River, this river separates Botswana from Namibia. The river was full of life from a variety of birds (we spotted and identified 70 different types in our two days there), loads of hippos, crocs and monitor lizards. We even saw life on the banks of the rivers. We just dodged a rainstorm on the way back and everyone headed indoors for some buffet lunch. From there it was onwards into the Chobe reserve. Due to lots of rain the bush was lush and thick and the park looked beautiful. We saw elephants, giraffes, buffaloes, impala, kudu, jackals, mongoose, baboons, monkeys, and as mentioned lots of great birds. We came so close to the elephants that if you just reached your hand out you could touch them, they ranged from a few days old to 40 years old. The park had lots of babies running around.

The herds of giraffe where also fantastic although we did not get as close we got to see many of them all around. Some even gave us a look at their slow motion run and very graceful way of drinking water, I was beyond excited every time we saw one.

By sunset, we arrived at what would be our campsite for the night, it was already set up for us and dinner was being prepared, there were no fences around the site just a few fire torches to let the animals know that we would be occupying the site for the night. We slept like babies in the quietest environment imaginable.

We were up at 5:30 for our morning drive. We had some cereal and yogurts to fill us up before we left and then we were on our way again, we bumped into huge elephant herds all making their way down to the river and tried to track lions by finding their paw prints in the sand. After about five hours, we went and had a full breakfast and some time to snooze before our final game drive.

It was hard to leave such a beautiful place but what an adventure. Our guides dropped us off at the border post once more where we crossed the river and were back in Zambia.

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    just perfect! I love animals!

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