The Smoke that Thunders – Victoria Falls


The Victoria Falls sits between two countries, Zambia and Zimbabwe. In high water season, it is one of the most spectacular sights you will ever see, it can spray so high that you’ll be in the most unpredictable ‘rain’ storm ever.

Me and my boyfriend decided to take a trip around some of the southern African countries. We flew to the town of Livingstone, Zambia. We landed at a small airport and made our way to the backpackers hostel, Jolly Boys. I recommend this place to anyone going to Livingstone, it is a relaxed place with great accommodations, good food, a pool, and is covered in Shwe shwe material pillows for endless lounging around, not to mention the people are great and from all different walks of life.

We started to explore Livingstone from the moment we arrived, the first thing we tried out was the local beer Mosi, ‘hmm’…is all I can say as it’s good! The town has all the essentials and some great markets filled with some of the friendliest people you will ever meet.

The backpackers offered a free ride down to the Zambian side of the Victoria Falls every morning, the falls are in a reserve which costs about $20 to enter, which is well worth the experience. From a distance, the falls appear to be smoke rising from the ground and therefore got it’s name Mosi Oa’ Tunya (the smoke that thunders). You first walk through a very lush, jungle-like paths with the roaring sound growing as you get nearer to the falls. At the first viewing point you are already awestruck by the sight of them. Here there is a shop to rent some rain coats and crocs which of course you don’t think you need! We passed on these and walked further along the edge of the falls, needless to say we were soaking wet within about five minutes.

There would be moments of slight reprieve, then the spray would rise and you could barely see the falls and a rain storm would form all around you only to disappear a few minutes later. The falls are a magnificent sight during high water as the sheer mass of water flowing over the edge is huge. There are rainbows wherever you look and breathtaking scenery.

We took a walk down to the ‘Boiling Pot’, which is the name given to the first rapid on the Zambezi River. It looks exactly how you would imagine a big swirling bowl of water. On our walk back up to the entrance we came across a family of baboons. Unlike the South African aggressive baboons, these baboons barely noticed we were there and didn’t seem to mind us taking a few photos of their fun and games.

We then caught one of the very blue taxis back to our backpackers hostel and planned our next adventures over some Mosi beers. This is definitely a location worth coming to, to see the pure beauty of mother nature!

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  1. adi_totp
    adi_totp ·

    great shots!

  2. bramasuncion
    bramasuncion ·

    awesome 360 shots! and the reds. great!

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