The Colorful and Spooky Venice Carnival


This year, like every other one, the carnival arrived. I was in Venice studying, and went to see the event. I always thought the carnival was somehow a little freaky and spooky with really expensive costumes, whose prices may vary 500€ and upwards to rent, something I could never afford.

Certainly, there’s a beautiful and special part of the carnival with strong colors matched by light and majestic body movements. The theme doesn’t change much from year to year and this isn’t the first time that I got to appreciate this event. This year particularly, was a fountain of wine, YES, wine! But only the masked participants got to enjoy it.

Every year there is a famous “volo dell’angelo” (angel’s flight), a person coming out of the Piazza San Marco main tower (San Marco Square) and “flying” over the square slowly, something not really spectacular, but it is the carnival’s specialty. The Venice Carnival is different from other ones, but it’s worth attending at least once in your life.

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    i'd love to go someday

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