February's Most Comments Made


Isn’t it nice to wake up in the morning and have a comment waiting for you in your Lomohome? You bet it is and in all probability, you have these guys to thank!

Credits: glenn

Have you left a comment in Lomography today? Don’t be shy. Try it out and you might like it! You can voice out your opinion and engage the rest of the community in a lively discussion about one of our articles or just commend a user on how great his blog or photo is. Here are February’s users with the most comments made. Let’s give them a round of applause!

* glenn (622 comments)
* dakadev_pui (264 comments)
* adash (236 comments)
* isabel_mebarak (173 comments)
* mylatehope (172 comments)
* wuxiong (160 comments)
* larahacefotos (142 comments)
* lola_juanlu (129 comments)
* atria007 (127 comments)
* sondyy (121 comments)
* japsix (119 comments)
* upic (119 comments)
* pepper-b (114 comments)
* troch (111 comments)
* susielomovitz (100 comments)
* neja (98 comments)

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  1. glenn
    glenn ·


  2. glenn
    glenn ·

    i misspelled the word, "wonderful", i loved the article anyways!

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