RECAP: Lomo-Noir Workshop @ Lomography Gallery Store NYC - Greenwich Village

The 4th Prophecy of the analogue future predicts that Lomography will bring back overtones, nuances, smells, shades, dirt & dust and real life beauty to us. And that is exactly what happened on Saturday March 5th at the Lomography Gallery Store NYC Greenwich Village.

An excited group of Lomographers gathered at the shop for our Lomo-Noir workshop. The workshop began with a brief history of Film Noir, from its roots in German Expressionism through its golden age in the 1940’s to modern interpretations of the style. We learned techniques to add extra drama to our Lomographs with the use of shadows and the interplay of light & dark. We talked about the best combinations of cameras & film along with tips and tricks to capture the stark richness of shadows as a Lomographic subject.

After learning the history, techniques and looking at a ton of cool photos, the group loaded up their cameras and explored the neighborhood looking for their perfect Lomo-Noir shot.

Lomography Gallery Store NYC Greenwich Village
41 W 8th Street NYC 10011
212-529-4353 x212

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