Expect the Unexpected with Lomography


Expect the unexpected and the excitement of the experiment. Take the risk of not knowing, of not controlling everything. Embrace the uncertainty and go with the flow. Don’t fight it. Love luck and all it brings. You are a Lomographer.

Get Experimental

Don’t be afraid to do things differently. Take risks in your photography and in your life. You’ll discover things you never thought possible. You’ll create photographs you only dreamed of – Become the Lomographer you want to be!

• Like to try-out new film techniques? Then we’ve got the perfect rumble for you! Head to our I like to Experiment Rumble page for details. Need some inspiration? Read some chemically insane Tipsters!
• Love those priceless surprises? Us too, it’s how Lomography was born! Read all about the discovery of the LC-A here!
• Got any photos that look great, even though they probably shouldn’t? We’re talking blurred, accidental multiple exposures and overexposed snaps here — Good then enter our Happy Accidents Rumble for a chance to be rewarded with some Piggies
• We discover new things by thinking differently so why not read some Thought experiments with a photographic twist?

Want to learn more about the 10 Prophecies of the Analogue Future? Head to our microsite.

Something Exciting

Here’s something exciting to brighten up your day – For the next week we’re giving 30% off packs of Lomography Colour Negative 100 film with every camera purchase. Just add the film to your order and we’ll do the maths for you at the checkout stage!

Please Note: Offer valid until 17th March 2011 and limited to one pack per camera purchase.

Shoot Your Prophecy

Heard about the biggest Lomography rumble in history?? Head to the Shoot your Prophecy page for full competition details! If you want to get your hands on our awesome future is analogue posters and stickers for the Rumble, you can either:

(1) Place an order in the Online Shop and we’ll send you some for free
(2) Pick them up from one of our Gallery Stores!
(3) You asked for it and you got it folks! Now you can download the Future is Analogue posters for free.

Head to our Future is Analogue Microsite to learn more about the 10 Prophecies of the Analogue Future. The Rumble ends on April 15th so get submitting!

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  1. migasaguiar
    migasaguiar ·

    the Lomography Colour Negative Film 100 ISO is out of stock.

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