Giddy Up


Taken by a Spinner 360 camera loaded with 400 Fuji film on a bright day in Pinner, Middlesex. I wanted to highlight the illusion that was the sun that day, without the Spinner 360, I don’t think the cold temperature would have been portrayed as I’d hoped!

There’s nothing that says goodbye to the working day better than a ride through Pinner Wood, a little escape from the city, which is only half an hour from Baker Street, but still a world away. Using the Spinner 360 whilst on the horse proved interesting, as the noise made her want to bolt! Trying to fit it into my coat pocket also proved interesting, in the end it lived under my arm for the duration of the ride.

Some fun angles were achieved totally by accident, but one which proved to be my favourite picture, shadows and legs. A walk through the fields can also make the working week disappear, no matter how much mud we fall in! Occasionally, on a clear day, if you ride to the top of the hill you can see Wembley Stadium. It’s always a good feeling looking on to the city whilst surrounded by silence! My favourite feature of the Spinner 360 is that it can warp the image, making the ground appear perfectly dreamlike, and the sky look like it was created in a children’s book.

written by rmalski on 2011-03-22 #places #horse #field #location #personal-story #clip-clop

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  1. ihave2pillows
    ihave2pillows ·

    lol funny. I just thought of using my Spinster on horseback earlier today. Good stuff!

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