Tower of London and Bridge


Tower Bridge is perhaps on of the world’s most famous icons of London, but besides the bridge, you also have a beautiful old castle to visit and can learn a lot of things about English history.

The Tower of London is a great place because it’s full of history and it’s a great place to take pictures. You have a castle and different sections to visit, from medieval arms to the jewels of the crown, and many other things. In the main building you can take pictures, even if there is not so much light. Outside, you got the guards of the tower with their old-fashioned uniforms.

They are very helpful and if you ask them, there is no problem to take pictures of them. Also have a look at the big Corbels, these black birds who “protect” the British Monarchy says the legend. If they would leave the Tower, the legend says that it will be the end of the British Monarchy! But they are very well fed, and I don’t think they wanna leave this place. ;) I won’t tell you all the historical stuff about the Tower. Have a look at Wikipedia if you’re interested (see the link below). Outside the castle, you have this well-known monument of London that is the Tower Bridge. Sure, this bridge is on all the postcards, and the whole world knows that it’s a symbol of London, but that’s not a reason to neglect it because I find that it’s a fascinating bridge and I like taking pictures of it! So if you want to make some great shots, go there (very easy to find in London, on the Thames north riverside), the best is in the late morning because the sun will be behind the bridge and can give your pics a sharp contrast, and, with some clouds, add some dramatic effect! :)

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