Ordinary Story (Rybinsk, Russian Federation)


Provincial, rather small, mossy, conservative, boring, industrial, partly-Soviet, unattractive but I come back here every time, here, I always feel at home. I love it!

Rybinsk is an important industrial town in Yaroslavl Oblast, which is not far from Moscow. This town is situated on the Volga River. Many years ago when Rybinsk was still a settlement, people who lived here fished in the Volga, some of which was supplied to the king’s (tsarist) table. Young people sometimes refer to Rybinsk as “Fishburg”. But now, the townspeople are more engaged in machine-building because there is only one academy, which trains specialists in this area. That’s why young people after school prefer to leave town.

As for me, Rybinsk is a town that I associate with my childhood. It is a place where my school friends live. There are some places where I know every tree and every bench. I recently went home, and went past my kindergarten and saw that the terrace has been repainted. Early the Firebird was painted on it. And so it was for the 30 years of my life. Now the terrace has another color and I feel that I have lost a small part of “my” Rybinsk.

And did you know how I met my girlfriend? Young people often amused themselves near the town’s fountain. It’s where they drink, meet with friends and sometimes sing songs. We walked overnight and then went to swim in then Volga near the town center, then we went for a walk on the streets. In the early morning, I brought her home and went to my own home on foot. I didn’t wait for the Metro to open, because there is no Metro in Rybinsk.

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    значит, МАГНИТ есть, а метро нету

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    Great photos ... I like this article!!

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    Awesome photos!

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    текст очень понравился, многое из сказанного мне очень близко.

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