Rock down to Electric Avenue


If you want to experience one of London’s most vibrant and ethnically diverse areas jump onto the Victoria line, head to Brixton and rock down to Electric Avenue.

Many Londoners would give Brixton a wide berth. A series riots, shootings and stabbings in recent years as well as a bombing in 1999 have overshadowed Brixton’s charms. Despite the unrest Brixton offers visitor’s a chance to see a side of London not seen by the majority of tourists who come to the city.
During the day the streets are filled with market stalls and shoppers. Residence are overwhelmingly of Afro-Caribbean decent but you can spot people of all ethnicities in Brixton’s streets. Electric Avenue, which gave it’s name to Eddie Grant’s 1982 song, is the hub of Brixton’s shopping.
In the evening Brixton takes on a sinister atmosphere; it certainly feels less safe than during the daytime. However, there are a number of night spots that draw the crowds after dark. The most famous of these is the Brixton Academy which has hosted shows by The Sex Pistols, Arcade Fire, Eric Clapton and Madonna to name a few.
Lomographers visiting the area will be treated to a wide range of photo opportunities from people who are happy to have their photo taken to grand buildings constructed in Brixton’s more prosperous days.

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