What is Retail Therapy?


When you’re in a sour mood, what would you like to do instead? Eat or go shopping! When you’re heartbroken, what would you like to do instead? Again, eat or go shopping! When you’re feeling down and you couldn’t go to the malls, what would you like to do instead? Of course, eat or go shopping – even if it’s only online!

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What is Retail Therapy?

Psychologists say that we, humans, nurse our emotional ills through retail therapy. It is a short-lived and normal habit which typically arises from depression. True enough, retail therapy is highly likened to food binging. Simply put, it is the same as comfort shopping.

You usually feel the urge to divert your frustrations and loneliness to things that would make you feel better. You pamper yourself by devouring good food, by going to the salon, and by spending more than your wallet can hold. You treat yourself. You make yourself feel royal and special because you know you deserve to be rewarded.

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Shopping, indeed, cures one’s sadness. But also, being a shopaholic is a curse as it can eventually lead into a vicious cycle. At first, you feel emptiness and then the need to have a quick shopping fix. You become happy for a while but after realizing that more money was spent, helplessness sinks in again and the compulsion to shop is again triggered.

Retail therapy may also sound too materialistic but, sometimes, it’s just a matter of how you could get off the negative vibrations around you, instead of sulking at the corner and missing out on other, happier things that you could be occupied with.

As a film photographer, you must admit that filling out your closets with your plastic and vintage camera collection gets you out of the blue. Building your own pyramid of films makes you forget your loneliness. In the most general sense, shooting in film makes you happy.

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Here on Lomography, we offer therapeutic retail promos that could certainly turn your frown upside down. The more you spend, the more freebies you get! So why don’t you Hop Into Spring with Lomography Retail Therapy?

  • For purchases over 175 EUR/USD/GBP – Get a free Klick Max Film + Lomo Notebook + Sling-On Bag (Red or Green; — If neither bag is available, we will send you a similar product).

Now, isn’t retail therapy marvelous?

Offer expires May 2, 2011

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  1. xxxanderrr
    xxxanderrr ·

    You forgot to mention that in order to get the free stuff, your order has to have the price AFTER you applied your piggies. So even if you buy the diana deluxe set, and have 200 piggies to spare, you have to pay for the free stuff, since your "total" came out to zero.

  2. crocodil_fotografic
    crocodil_fotografic ·

    It's good to know somebody has 200 piggies just lieing around :)

  3. xxxanderrr
    xxxanderrr ·

    well not yet =D
    but i have enough for the free film, but it doesnt work. after applying the piggies, i have to get my total up to 75..

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