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Writer Neil Gaiman, shares some of his newest photos, as well as answers to the questions posed by the Lomography community. Psst! We’re also giving away his old LOMO LC-A+! Read after the jump for more…

You may remember our amigo Neil Gaiman, the fantastic and best selling author, who took the time to answer our favorite questions from the Neil Gaiman Interview Rumble a few months back! Aside from catching up with Neil, we’re giving away the LOMO LC-A+ that took all of these amazing shots! Enter to win!

Get to it!

Since your first meeting with your LC-A+, has Lomography changed your outlook or the approach to any of your creative projects at all?squamy
I definitely learned something about letting what I had in my head go, and looking at what I actually got. The element of chance, and also the way that some great photos are completely accidental.

Would you rather be attacked by a dozen duck sized horses, or one horse sized duck?conorrrrrrrrrrrr
A dozen duck-sized horses. A horse-sized duck would be just like a normal duck only bigger and meaner. Ducks use rape as a standard reproductive strategy. They are into necrophilia. It’s only because they’re small that they haven’t taken over the world.

After the LC-A+, what Lomo camera would you like to get in your hands? What do you think about the new ones such as the Spinner 360° or the Sprocket Rocket?elvismartinezsmith
Playing with the Sprocket Rocket now. The main drawback for me is that I put down the Sprocket Rocket and cannot remember whether I took a picture or not, leading to lots of inadvertent double exposures, and occasional blank frames.

If you could ask one question, what would it be?azzzy
How come my friend Tori gets a whole Lomo Camera named after her, and I don’t? I’m the one of us that takes strange Lomo photos. She’s the one who plays the piano.

What’s the coolest shot you’ve taken with a lomography camera and was there a time you didn’t have your camera with you when you saw a great shot opportunity?1minute1second
There’s a photo of Amanda Palmer in Scotland I love. The focus is off, but the colours were magical… and it’s my favourite photo of Amanda. She’s been much-photographed, but that photograph felt like the private person I love, and not like the rock star at all.

And yes, often. Although I’m now as addicted to my Nexus 1 with Vignette for Android as I am to my Lomo…

Have any photographs you’ve taken ever inspired your writing or helped you through writer’s block?chefettebiz
No. But I took a lot of photos in China that are part of the next book I’m writing (not sure if they’ll be in there, or I’m just going to describe them).

Which photo would you never take?rodrigoalmeida
I love WISCONSIN DEATH TRIP, Michael Lesy’s collection of newspaper clippings and photographs of (mostly) the recently dead. Particularly the photos of dead children, taken by local photographers in the 1880s. But I would hate to be a professional photographer of dead children for Wisconsin farm people.

What was the most dangerous picture you took?shoujoai
I have a tendency to look through the viewfinder and forget about the real world. This afternoon, out with the Sprocket Rocket, I wound up tumbling down a snow-covered hill having not actually checked to see where my feet were or whether there was anything beneath them.

That wasn’t the most dangerous picture I took, though. That is still to come. When the horse-sized duck comes into my garden intent on murder and posthumous rape, I will be prepared to document it for posterity. The World Must Know.

What cameras would Croup and Vandemar use? How about other characters?oceros
I think Mr Croup would like a proper Victorian Plate Camera. He’d vanish under the black sheet, to take your photo. You’d better be prepared to hold still for as long as he needs for his exposure, or things could get ugly.
Mr Vandemar does not believe in cameras.

Tell us more about Christopher Salmon’s plan to produce a 3-D short story based on your book “The Price”! Are you wildly impressed with the support that he (and YOUR story) has received on Kickstarter?idigtulsa
I don’t know MUCH more than I saw on the Kickstarter video — Christopher sent me a video a couple of years ago of what he planned to do – basically storyboards – and I was impressed by his talent and dedication, and wished there was a way to fund it.
And then Kickstarter came along, and we all got to fund it.
I think Kickstarter may change everything. It allows us all to become patrons of the arts.

Check out some of Neil’s newest shots in the gallery below:

Note: Cassandra Long took the 360 degree photos (doesn’t look like the roll I took worked out). Several photos were taken by Holly Gaiman, Mike Gaiman, Maddy Gaiman and Amanda Palmer, normally ones with me in them.

You should definitely follow Neil on Twitter and learn everything about him on his website!

And don’t forget to enter to win Neil's LOMO LC-A+!

The giveaway will close on March 25th!

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  1. squamy
    squamy ·

    Awesome! I've been waiting for this to go up. Great interview and loved Neil's response to all the questions! :)

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    fivedayforecast ·

    Glad to see things are grand between you and Amanda!

  3. herbert-4
    herbert-4 ·

    I wish someone would ask when we'll see Good Omens the Movie!!

  4. zharenkov
    zharenkov ·

    Great photos. One of the most favorite writers.

  5. devo_2269
    devo_2269 ·

    when and how do we find out who gets the LC-A??

  6. alexandrak
    alexandrak ·

    Next week!

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