A Lomographic Force: Pietrone


Once upon a time…
Born and raised in Brescia, I like to visit and discover as exotic as out of my door places Proudly treat my curiosity and feel myself not yet “fully-grown”.

…so, one day, you discovered the world of photography…
I’ve always been in contact with photography; my maternal grandparents were the owners of the oldest photo store in the city, since 1905 and still in activity run by my cousins, spent visiting each and every day, watching the cameras. I don’t remember my first camera, almost certainly one Kodak Instamatic, then at 10 years old my grandfather gifted me a Bencini Comet and taught me the basics of speed and aperture, i started to click, click … I still remember that you had to wait more than a week to get a film developed and printed!
Over time, photography took more and more space in my passions albeit with ups and downs; and now photography is a constant background in my mind and sometimes I find myself to look at a scene and think how it would be in photography.
The meet with Lomography was in Paris last summer when I bought my Diana Mini was a lightning stroke!!

What kind of changes brought the Lomography world into your personal way to see photography?
It was a revolution!! It really shifted the focus of my attention and my efforts to result from the instruments, from camera, lens and film to the final result: the photo! Before Lomography I was always looking for “best” camera and lens and have a house full of cameras, some bought, tried and abandoned (I know, I’m a monster!!); I still remember a holiday in New York where I walked with a backpack on my shoulders worthy of a sherpa: aching shoulders and head committed to thinking as lens / camera body I have to use to take the best shot and I was not even on a mission for the National Geographic. In exchange for the many efforts taken more dissatisfaction that fun; the LOMO approach in the way that I understood, unlocked me: now i make shots suitable to the characteristics of the camera, if it is, great! I’m satisfied! If not, or could be better, patience… sometimes a shot is different that i had in mind and i am always pleasantly surprised with the result. Another undeniable advantage is that if I bring Diana Mini, Diana and Sprocket Rocket (usual set) i walk softly without difficulty☺!! With Lomography in the last six months, since I bought the Diana Mini (miss Minnie D) I took more pictures than they had taken over the last three years and I really do not want to stop, indeed!

Holding a camera with your own hands. How does it feels like?
A little bit a recorder and little bit a musical instrument … sometimes prevails in the result the subject sometimes the way to take the subject’s picture.

What’s your typical mood when you got expressing yourself at the best through your shots?
I’ll explain how I can have much fun when i take pictures, which usually corresponds to do my best!! To having fun I have to devote time exclusively to photography, then walking or biking, alone to permit at mind and feet go wherever they want. After few time can take pictures almost without thinking, letting my eyes see and the hands snap the pictures without many details and technicalities.

Screaming WOW! watching a photo. What makes you react?
The composition, I am fascinated by symmetries and asymmetries.

Which kind of experiences made you grow up as a photographer?
How many years from now have you been a Lomographer?
To grow as a photographer I think that’s important to learn to look, this place is an inexhaustible source of examples in the way others look.
Consumer of films from years, Lomographer from only six months, a true newbie but willing!

From who would you receive or already received the most important comment / compliment ?
Be contacted for this interview was very important and welcome as a compliment!!

If photography means art, what is that like for you?
Picture that photography were a book, or a movie, or a song…If so,it would be…
Photography is art! A book "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance: An Inquiry into Values ", a movie “Amélie”, a song “The Power Of Love” by Frankie Goes to Hollywood.

Landscapes or portraits?
Landscapes, I really envy who can make nice portraits.

You’re analogue. Why?
Although fascinated by virtualization and technology, when I take pictures I have a visceral needs of materiality. I need to hear “click”, the noise and vibration that produces … I can’t explain it better but I was losing interest in digital photography while I have big fun with film!!

What do you love about Lomography?
The sense of freedom to share photos with other enthusiast without having to conform to styles and ways imposed by “Masters” and “Judges”, I follow this site from some months and the air we breathe is of the utmost tolerance and friendship, I do not are still unbeaten in diseases typical of the fans forum with trolls and flames. Please stay that way!

You feel proud of yourself when…?
When someone likes my photo. May be trivial but very sincere!!

This question has nothing to do with Lomography, but what do you eat for breakfast?
Coffee!! Just coffee!!

Real Name: Pietro Gobatti
Lomography nickname: pietrone
Age: 45
Distinguishing marks: by nature curious and enthusiastic
Favorite cameras: Diana Mini, Diana F+ especially with the 35mm back, Sprocket Rocket

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    AWESOME, I really wanna see your maternal grandmother's photo store

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