James Wallace Wine Bar


A cozy wine bar with an excellent choice of wine, champagne, and spirits from all over the world. From the full Lebanese range to Chateau Musar. You can try any wine from the menu before purchasing, and the knowledgeable staff will talk you through. You can also choose any wine from the shop, and the corkage fee is only £4.

This wine bar opened in September 2010 and has become a favorite in Wapping, riverside area of East London.

Delicious and generous meat and cheese (as well as combined) are available for as little as £6, but only if you purchase at least a glass of wine. I first tried those platters out immediately after returning from my holiday break to Spain, and I was surprised how better the English version of Tapas tasted. And how much less it cost (in Valencia or Barcelona the same platter would cost you up to 20 euros).

This place is a regular meeting point for locals, as apart from it there is no place in Wapping to truly enjoy wine. There are three pubs, but London pubs have never been famous for serving good wine, and there are just three restaurants the you have to order food in order to drink.

The wine menu changes every week. And for me, it’s perfect because it’s located right in the middle between my house and the Overground station. So I can always come in for the “last one” on a way home, or meet my friends here, instead of bringing them home to annoy my neighbors.:)

The bar also hosts James Wallace Wines monthly Ladies’ Night and themed Country Night. So if you want to feel the area’s spirit, try to come on one of those days so you can see everyone who lives here drunk and jolly.

The best way to get to Wapping is by bus number 100 or D3 (there are no others, actually) or by East London Overground.

69 Garnet St, Wapping, London E1W 3QS

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