London's Chinatown

Deep in the heart of London’s bustling West End, tucked behind the world-famous Leicester Square, and peaking through the shadows of the towering theatres on Shaftsbury Avenue, is a bite-sized taste of Asia.

London’s Chinatown is small, but walking through the iconic Chinese arches you’re instantly carried away to a distant land. A tip for traveling Lomographers – there are so many unusual sights to take in, like cooked animals dangling in every window (I thought I even saw a fried stingray, but it turned out to be a spread-open chicken) to statues, to neon signs and busy chefs at work. You can also pop into one of the shops and see the quirky packaging and crazy sweets or even pick up a souvenir dragon.

I highly recommend the Dragon Beard Candy – thin hair-like strands of sugar wrapped around a bundle of what seemed to be roasted nuts? It felt weird to eat – like eating hair – but tasted pretty damn good.

Of course there are many Chinese things to see and do (maybe a massage after your busy tourist day) but of course the main appeal of Chinatown, for most visitors, is Chinese food (of course in China they just call it ‘food’). There are seemingly hundreds of restaurants to choose, from budget buffet style Wr Wu (you can get fries with your Chinese) to classic Four Seasons. Where better to go for an authentic Chinese feast than in Chinatown? Like anywhere else, some of these places are good, and some are bad, the best way to find a good restaurant is to see how many Asian people are eating there. Lots? Then it has to be good!

written by atreyuthechild on 2011-03-13 #places #landmark #location #lcs-china-town-restaurants-london-city-guide

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