London's Southbank

The Southbank is a great place to have a relaxing wander and take in the sights. Many say that it’s positive feature is the fact that you get to ignore the ugly architecture of the Southbank and focus primarily on the North Bank as you gaze out over the river.

I, however, love the angular designs of the buildings on this side of the river. Southbank is always lively and interesting. During the day you can sit and relax and watch the various street performers or take a ride on the London Eye. At night, the North Bank begins to sparkle and the mood turns to romance as couples walk hand in hand, under the fairy lights, along the river’s edge. Too cold at night to stroll by the river?

Not a problem, you can go to the National Theatre and watch a play, see a film at the BFI cinema or grab a bite to eat or drink in one of the various restaurants and bars scattered around the area.

The Southbank is also home to a makeshift skate park. Adopted by the local skaters and BMXers many years ago because of the slopes and concrete slabs all over the area which made it perfect for tricks. It’s still used heavily today, with graffiti artists getting in on the action too, despite rumours that the council wanted to shut it down.

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