Sky Luge Sentosa

Sentosa brings you the first-ever luge in Southeast Asia. Part go-cart, part-toboggan, pure excitement – the luge is a fun-filled gravity ride that is safe for all ages. With a unique steering and braking system that allows you to make the ride as leisurely or as exciting as you want. Jump on the Skyline Luge Sentosa and brace yourself for a brand new island resort adventure!


If you like go-carts, you’ll definitely like this! No engine power, works purely on gravity. Part go-cart, part toboggan, the Luge offers a truly unique outdoor experience suitable for all ages that is not found anywhere else in Singapore or Southeast Asia.

Giving you full control, navigate down 650 metres of the Jungle Trail or 688 metre of the Dragon Trail as thrillingly fast or cruising slow as you like. After the Luge, board the Skyride and take in the fantastic panoramic scenery of the city skyline and beautiful coastline. Truly an experience not to be missed.

As darkness settles, a whole brand-new adventure awaits you. Thrill-seekers will discover a different challenge while maneuvering down each track with unique lighting. On the Skyride, enjoy a breathtaking view of Singapore as the city skyline and harbour transform into a dazzling city of lights at night.

S$12 / Person


One Saturday afternoon after my work, my adrenaline gave me a hint for an adventure. My boyfriend suggested the SKY LUGE at Sentosa. After we purchased the tickets, we needed to put on safety helmets. I ended up with a red helmet and he got a blue one.

And off we go! Too bad we were not allowed to take pictures during our rides. But I doubt you could; both of your hands have to hold on the handle firmly while you are riding! You will just bang into the sides of the trail if you let go one of your hands. Sounds exciting huh? Indeed! When we reached the end of the track, we got up on a Skyride to return to the hilltop. We were ushered in by the friendly staff, then up we go!

For those who are afraid of heights you might want to consider to ride again on this as it’s really high from the ground. The journey took about 8 mins. You can definately take your time taking shots with your Lomo cam but just be careful to not drop your camera.

After the ride, walking around imbiah outlook is fun too! You might just get lucky and bump into some buskers.

Dress comfortably. Be prepared for long queues for the Luge, especially towards the later part of the day and on weekends. But the ride is well worth it! You can either start at the top of the hill with the Luge or at the bottom of the hill with the Skyride. Your ticket either covers the Luge and Skyride; or just the Skyrides only. Look out for family packages or multiple rides packages.

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