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Everyone knows the wonders of analogue photography and the amount of things you can do with a camera and some film. One of this that is really fun to do is the “LomoMatrix”. Check out 12 great LomoMatrix videos from 26 Chilean lomographers:

LomoMatrix? Probably you already know what we are talking about, but if you don’t… a bit of history: The film •The Matrix• of the Wachowski brothers was a big success on 1999 for its story and for its special effects where we saw for the first time the famous “Bullet Time" effect, used in the most memorable scenes on this movie. This effect gives you the impression that time freezes while the camera turns around a subject… well, a LomoMatrix is an emulation of this effect done with analogue cameras and film.

So today, directly from the South of the world, we bring you the result of more than 3 hours of shooting and playing under the hot sun of Santiago with our Lomographic cameras. We were 26 happy and enthusiast lomographers that woke up early a Saturday to give life to our first “bullet time” effect which we have called: “Collectible LomoMatrix: De Chilian Guei”, a series of 12 mini videos that you can collect, share the ones you like most, load them in your phone or iPod, show them to your friends and spread the analogue love!

LomoMatrix – 02. Jarripoter from Lomo Chile on Vimeo.

This was just one of these 12 LomoMatrix videos, check out the rest here.

Special greetings to all the friends that shoot their cameras that day: Claudia Pentzke, Daniela Espinoza, Monica Droully, Braulio Jerez, Vania Nadiesda, Felipe Maldini, Carlos Alfaro, Juan Maldonado, Valeria Robles, Camila Vidal, Ignacio Carrasco, Stephanie Clarets, Sebastian Parra, Maria Ester Cortes, Sabino Aguad, Natalie Arama, Ignacia Torres, Peter Pollak, Rolando Castillo, Carolina Rojas, Felipe Saez, Alvaro Cipagauta, Alfredo Peñaloza, Vania Contreras, Cristobal Valdes and Fabian (the flying boy) Pérez.

Also, thanks to the people who helped in doing this videos: Rodrigo Fuentes, Cristóbal Guazzini and Alvaro Cipagauta! Oh… and our friends of Macarroni for most of the music :).

Hope we have more of these activities soon!

Text by Kutshie and Zeube

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  1. kutshie
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    La raja!

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    love all the videos!! :))

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    Wow que cool!

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    artisticmadre ·

    ¡Qué lindo es este vídeo! I loveeeee it!

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    cool video! super like!

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