The LomoBloco - the Rhythm of the Carnival!


So how did this Carnival Song come to be? In mid-2010, the Lomography Brazil team had a meeting with the international team – brainstorming for goals and ideas for the incoming year. The Brazilians came up with the “LomoBloco” idea as a joke, but it was too good not to be taken seriously!

Photo by: decafujita

… and so one beautiful night, under the starry sky and a few drinks, Filipa’s husband, “Seu Gian do Lorenzo” churned out a sweet melody and recorded it using his cellphone. A good friend wrote some lyrics, and the great Henrique Band laid down the music! Have a listen and let yourself be captivated!

Today I will go out to click
With a Lomo in my hands I will dance the samba
Will colour the world with my eyes
and watch the carnival of the blocos

With the Holga and the Diana I am more I am
I am a clown, a harlequin, a pierrot

And with the lomo I am
And with the lomo I will
Focus, click and keep your love

The super sampler has 4 frames
Round the fisheye will let you
Lomography is happiness
Surprise, emotion, you will Love it!

The Lubitel is serious stuff
The colorsplash is a sucess!

And with the lomo I am
And with the lomo I will
Focus, click and keep your love


Seu Gian do Lorenzo: composition of melody
Lissandro Garrido: lyrics
Pedro Holanda: voice, cavaco, guitars, percussion and musical arrangements, taping and mixing
Henrique Band: flute, sax alt, sax baritone, voice and musical arrangements
Seu Gian do Lorenzo and Filipa Richter: Coordination of production with special thanks to Joyce Sobreira and Philippe Machado!

Special thanks to Joyce and Philippe Sobreira Axe!

Come join the Lomography Brazil team as they launch the video for this song at the Carnival Ball. The video will feature photos from the Carnival Competition 2011!

Baile Carnaval Lomography
Date: March 5, Saturday 13h-17h
Location: Rua Visconde de Piraja, 437 mezzanine floor, Ipanema

Check out the original post for the lyrics in Portuguese.

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  1. saidseni
    saidseni ·

    Lomo-bloco?! This is great! :D

  2. saidseni
    saidseni ·

    A música tá um SHOW! :D Parabéns, Lomo Brasil! :D

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