The Lomography 35mm Digitaliza: A Real Big Relief


The scanning mask of my negative scanner can’t scan 35mm negatives with sprockets, so I decided to buy the 35mm Digitaliza and I’m endlessly happy with it. It’s such a big negative scanning relief!

After a long year full of expensive photolab developing costs, I decided to buy a negative scanner in order to reduce the costs a bit. The photolab only develops the negatives now, then I scan them at home with my negative scanner.

I am quite happy with my scanner (the Epson V330 photo), but the scanning mask which was included can’t scan 35mm negatives with sprockets; the mask is too small for that.

So, what I always did was to

- scan half a negative

- then the other half

- and then I put the halves together digitally to have a whole picture with sprocket holes.

That took lots and lots of time, sometimes the color of one half of the picture was different to the other half of the picture, so I didn’t succeed in putting them together properly, such as this one:

Also, I always had the feeling I’d be cheating on analogue photography, as I was using digital methods for achieving ‘analogue’ results.

So, I decided to buy the Lomography 35mm DigitaLIZA, a scanning mask which can scan 35mm negatives with sprockets. And I’m so endlessly happy with it! Finally, it’s possible for me to scan all my sprocket negatives, which is a real big relief. I actually don’t know about any other 35mm scanning mask which makes it possible to scan the sprocket holes as well.

After some minutes of getting used to the Digitaliza, you can scan your sprocket hole negatives within minutes. Now that I don’t have to scan negative halves anymore, I’m thinking about buying a Sprocket Rocket hole negative scanning suddenly is that easy that it’s almost fun! ;)

written by erdnusskeks on 2011-05-25 #gear #film #negatives #review #sprockets #scanning #accessory #lomography #digitaliza #user-reviews


  1. veato
    veato ·

    I'm thinking of getting the V330 and DigitaLiza. Can you confirm that they work ok together for sprockets?

  2. erdnusskeks
    erdnusskeks ·

    yes, they do work together. the only thing that doesn't work with the V330 is to scan 120mm negatives, but 35mm film is totally fine!

  3. jochicamara
    jochicamara ·

    Thank you very much!
    So it´s impossible to scan 120mm negatives?? do you know if epson v500 scan both negatives??

  4. erdnusskeks
    erdnusskeks ·

    @jochicamara i can only speak for the v330 i'm afraid, and that one only scans 35mm film. sorry that i can't help you more :(

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