Brighton Beach


Brighton has a great seafront with a pier, night clubs, restaurants, places to run, bike or bowl. But the best part of the seafront is the beach.

It is not particularly sandy (mostly shingle, pebbles, and rocks) but still fun in the sun, cool and refreshing in the evening with a barbecue and great for hanging with friends. As I live in Brighton, I regularly visit the beach with friends and family and always enjoy it even when it’s super windy in the winter months!

Throughout the year I have taken photos in and around Brighton and always find I have the most of the beach with its burnt out pier on the west and amusement pier in the centre alongside a beach that runs from Hove all the way through Brighton and up to the marina.

written by lukaaus on 2011-03-16 #places #sea #pier #sun #location #pebbles #brighton #beach #west #barbeque #travel-destination

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  1. nick_a_tron
    nick_a_tron ·

    Nice, the rock/fish/postcards stalls make for great shots too, and the nice area around the basketball court etc near the West Pier is a gold mine, that pier is probably the single most over photographed object in Brighton's history.

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