A Study in Green


I’ve been unknowingly stalking an inanimate object…

I suppose it all started when I moved in with my girlfriend. I moved to a new flat about 3 miles from my old place, so for the past few months my route to work has changed.

Suddenly I’m seeing a whole new side to London on my daily commute – including the Green Man. Ironically, he was always there – always lurking in the shadows and leaves – but I had never seen him before. But then I saw him three times a day. In the morning gloom, the midday sun, the evening haze…

And following the rules of Lomography, taking a camera everywhere I went and just pointing and shooting (sometimes shooting rolls twice and getting some very odd results)…

ps Green Man is a bronze statue by Lydia Karpinska, and stands proudly in Woburn Square in the Bloomsbury area of London (WC1 between Russell Square and Tottenham Court Road) and is the artist’s impression of a descriptive passage in the Virginia Woolf poem-like novel ‘The Waves’ (more info: http://tinyurl.com/5w3u7ep http://www.london.ac.uk/631.html http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Waves ). There is also a statue of Virginia Woolf in nearby Tavistock Square, along with a great statue of Ghandi – London is great for statues (but don’t blink)!

pps Green Man has now taken out a restraining order and I am not allowed within 50 metres of him.

written by the_dude_abides on 2011-03-11 #places #landmark #location #london-woburn-square-green-man-lydia-karpinska-statue-lcg-bloomsbury


  1. the_dude_abides
    the_dude_abides ·

    haha - the apology in the title was meant to be taken out!

  2. matslap
    matslap ·

    As much as I loved your results I have to say my favorite part of the article was the Dr. Who reference. He's not appreciated as much here in the states.

  3. robot_average
    robot_average ·

    Brilliant article. I love Bloomsbury, statues, and Doctor Who! I have to agree with matslap, the DW universe and lomography would potentially go together like green men and chocolate bars, although do a search for Dalek on here, and you're hard pressed to find anything!

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