Taking the Train


When going on a train ride lots of people take a book or newspaper with them so they’ve got something to do . I don’t like reading in the train so I get bored pretty soon after having left my home town.

When I went on a long train ride a couple of weeks ago to see my friend in Bavaria I decided to take my Lomo Spinner with me to take pictures out of the rolling train.

I’ve made a whole bunch of Timescans over the past weeks. And it’s always a big surprise to see the way they turn out. I had done a few Timescans out of the car (not me driving the car! :-D) and that gave me an idea…

Making Timescans out of the train is more difficult, because you have to act instantly, when you see something you wanna scan on your film. Once you missed it, there’s no second chance. You never know, what the picture will look like, because it all depends on how fast the train is and on how fast you react and turn the handle of your Spinner. But it’s lots and lots of fun (and don’t mind others looking at you!)
I took three rolls of film and after three to four hours of riding the train they were full of railroad images and I had to get myself a newspaper…

written by kleeblatt on 2011-06-20 #lifestyle #train #railroad #spinner #timescan

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  1. kingdjin
    kingdjin ·

    I will definitely buy a Spinner 360 :)

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