Tease - One of My Favorites Bars in Lisbon!


A lovely bar (or a bakery/teashop/coffee shop or all of them together) where you can drink a cup of tea and eat delicious cupcakes surrounded by girly/rockabilly decoration! Located at one of the most typical Lisbon neighborhoods and just at the historic center of the city.

Well, it’s one of my favourite places in Lisbon! Tease is the name of the lovely bar located at the 31º of Rua do Norte, one of the many alleys that intersect and form one of the most charismatic neighborhoods in the Portuguese capital.

Once in Lisbon, visit downtown, go around in Chiado and go up the Garret Street to the Camões square. Turn right to one of the first streets and you’re almost there! :) This is one of the first and rare places that manufacture and sell cupcakes in Lisbon. If you enjoy such cakes and want to take a break while visiting the city, it is definitely worth stopping by at Tease.

Every day they have new cakes and “special editions” in addition to the normal flavors (like chocolate, of course). They also sell drinks, including unique homemade tea flavors and some drinks of refined lesser known brands.

What makes this place so special isn’t only the English cupcakes, but also the environment, the vintage cups and dishes, the rockabilly decoration – very cute and girly! Well, at least it’s a good way to make your girlfriend take a break from shopping! Lol

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  1. dianalerias
    dianalerias ·

    thanks for sharing. will most definitely visit!

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