A Film With its Own Mind


Using the emulsion from the discontinued Agfa RSX film, this film gives out results that you wont see in other current slide films. Some say this film almost resembles the Sensia 200. But I’ve tried it myself, I found out that this little gem has its own unique & unpredictable character.

I tried this film using my rangefinder camera the Fed 3b. Seeing that there is no light meter, I used my own light-meter-head to estimate, so my exposures was varying. But it turns out better than I expected because there was a lot of colour shifts.

After I sent it developed, I got back pictures with colour shifts from blue to green to bright yellow. I can’t remember exactly, but according to the light condition at the time, I think I got blue when underexposed, green when normal, then bright yellow when I overexposed. The blue that I got was quite intense, it almost looks like monochrome blue. This may not be a good thing to some, but it can also be a plus if that is what you are looking for.

One more thing I like about this film is that I can find it easily around Kuala Lumpur. I can get them around famous & easy to get to places where they sell Lomography products like in the KLCC mall or the Pavilion.

Its a fun film to try. I really recommend people who haven’t try this film, to have a go & experiment with it. The price is also quite reasonable. If you like unpredictability, then use a camera with no light meter or no auto-exposure to double the experience.

written by mohdsaddam on 2011-03-23 #gear #review #slide-film #200-iso #experiment #lomography #x-pro #agfa-rsx #user-review #fed-3b


  1. holydarkyfied
    holydarkyfied ·

    Hem, what is the film?

  2. mohdsaddam
    mohdsaddam ·

    woah..I cant believe they didn't write it down!..Its the Lomo XPRO 200

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