The Lucky Super 200


You’re having photoshoot or outing with the red theme? Still looking for the right film that will satisfy you and rather cheap at the same time to match your tight budget? So why not turn to Lucky Super 200 ; it’s a worthy deal for the overwhelming colour of red. Or perhaps you can took it out on a normal day and get suprised by the results!

I got the chance to use this fantastic film after going out with a bunch of lomo enthusiasts in Malaysia called lomokids. They’re having a lomomatrix and without hesitation, I agreed to join. I found this one film supplier called Demang who is very active in Malaysia’s Lomo scene. As I’m running out of film stock, I bought some from him and guess what? I bought two rolls of Lucky Super 200.

It’s my recommendation for you guys to test this cheap film. Although it’s cheap but the result will satisfy your need , your hunger for red. Red. Yes, red!!! Don’t be surprised if you found out that red colour will stand out most in your pictures because that’s it’s specialty. So I’m suggesting you guys to go out and shoot the red object; red cars, red roofs, red flowers, or even angry people XD

I think this film is suitable for experiment but it depend on your taste too. As I don’t quite like to experiment, so I never did any experiment to my films. As it is a 200 film, it’s suitable to took it out on a rather cloudy or sunny day especially when your camera have inner built light meter. A little help make sure that you mark the film before or after you develop it as it don’t have any brand name on it’s sprocket or you can just guess it from the result.

So what are you waiting for? Hurry up to your film store and suppliers and get it now, right now to satisfy your fetish towards red colour XD. You can share your experience as well that you encounter when you’re using Lucky Super 200, just post them under this simple article!

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  1. pomps
    pomps ·

    Hi! I´ve already used this film lately! I shoot one film and the results were great! I haven´t up loaded the photos yet but I´ll do it soon! nice article!

  2. analogmonolog
    analogmonolog ·

    @pomps:: thanks.. please share with me the result when u already upload it sooner or later

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