Winner Pictures of the Big Russian Lomographic Contest 2010


The Lomography Embassy Russia is proud to present the best photos of this contest – collected & commented for the period of a whole year, in 10 different categories.

The Lomographic contest was started in January 2010 and lasted for a whole year. There were 10 nominations to which the Russian community could submit photos. The winners of each category were chosen by the majority of likes from the community itself on a monthly basis. From these pictures, the winners of the year were now chosen by a jury of the HQ in Vienna.
These 10 lomographers are the lucky winners of an incredible 3-day trip to Vienna, including a visit to the Lomography HQ of course!

Living Legend – Winner

Tema Kornetov

Made In USSR – Winner

Nastya Movchacha

Medium Format – Winner

Igor Gradoboev

Mini Revolution – Winner

Olga Chetverikova

Multivision – Winner


My dear friend lomographer – Winner

Bonifacy Bonifacy

Panorama – Winner


Pinhole – Winner

Misha Pavlovsky

Secret Nomination – Winner


World Without Angles – Winner

Nikita Karpov

But of course these were not the only great lomographs that were submitted. The jury in Vienna had a hard time to select the best of the best! See here the galleries of the runners-up:

Living Legend – Runners Up

bald_soprano; grad; Irina Stepanova; Jura Kuznetsov; Katya Saburova; Paranoid Expectation

Made In USSR – Runners Up

Ilya Glinin; Julya Kolchina; Nikita Karpov; Tetya Masha; Viktor Piktor

Medium Format – Runners Up

Aleksej Kurbatov; bald_soprano; Dasha Savina; Golikova Sasha; Jura Kuznetsov

Mini Revolution – Runners Up

Anton Laba; grad; luvetau; sonmima

Multivision – Runners Up

Aleksej Kurbatov; Andrej Jur’ev; bald_soprano; sp1rt

My dear friend lomographer – Runners Up

bald_soprano; majortom; Nadezhda Ershova; Sasha Braulov; sp1rt

Panorama – Runners Up

aton; bald_soprano; Bonifacy Bonifacy; Ksenija Obuhova; penya

Pinhole – Runners Up

Aleksandr Nehonov; Aleksej Kurbatov; Jury Kashuba; Margarita Agafonova; Zhanna Kucherenko

Secret Nomination – Runners Up

Aleksej Kurbatov; Irina Stepanova; life_on_mars; penya; pila__; Vitalik Monorey
World Without Angles – Runners Up
Artem Ivasik; Brilliantovij Kosmos; Inna Vladimirovna; Maksim Nevermind; Sveta Zyabkina

In 2011 the Monthly Lomographic Contest 2010 was transformed into the Lomography Photo of the Month Contest for the Russian community, with a new topic announced every month. The winning picture of each month will be illustrated as the contest picture and will receive Lomography films as prize. So stay tuned for another dose of great lomographs from the Russian community next year.
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  1. blue-dog
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    Wow these are all great, congratulations everyone.

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    what is this! A best of the best? I cannot find any bad picture here.... all are awesome....

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    salute to all these great lomographers - a very deserving gallery indeed! :)

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    Amazing shots - well done, Russia

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    How did they do that in the Secret Nomination one? The first photo is amazing!

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    Russia: world photographic superpower.

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