Hello, Mexico! Wanna Join the Lomography Team?


We are looking for a Lomography Representative in Mexico City! In this position you are responsible for the first class representation of Lomography, the optimization of the total turnover through Design-, Museums-, & Concept stores and for locating the perfect spot for the first Lomography Gallery Store in Mexico City.

Lomography Representative

Location: Mexico City

And what does a representative do?

- Manage and set up the future local Lomography Operation and the Lomography Gallery Store in Mexico City.
- Being in charge of the General Management and Marketing.
- Being in charge of Sales and Marketing in all three distribution channels: Online, Wholesale and Retail in the beginning.
- Be the direct connection between the Lomography Headquarters in Vienna and regional key accounts.
- Get in contact with new local accounts.
- Being responsible for HR agenda and leadership; recruit new staff and in the future managing a team of 5 and more people.
- Work in close cooperation with the Lomography Headquarter.
- Report directly to the Regional Manager Europe and Rest of the World.

What’s the profile we are looking for?

- You graduated with a degree in Business Administration or equivalent.
- You have lived in Mexico City for quite some time and you know how this city works.
- You already gained first experience in setting up a business / events / bigger projects or even held a managerial position.
- You have a creative and business oriented mindset and already gained experiences in importation.
- You have great entrepreneurial instincts and with a strong focus on Marketing and Sales.
- You are a very open minded, ambitious, outgoing and communicative person.
- You already gained at least 1-2 years in Marketing and Sales experience or have any other commercial background?
- You are sharing the enthusiasm and affinity to the brand Lomography, as well as to analogue photography in general.
- You are ambitious and are ready and willing to commit to building the Lomography brand and image in your region with diverse activities, events, promotions, collaborations, and sales-driven strategies!
- You are fluent in written and spoken Spanish and English. Any other additional language is a big plus.

Do you feel that you could be the person we are looking for? Go ahead and apply now:

Employment: Full – time
Job start date: as soon as possible
Applications (CV and short cover letter) please send to:

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  1. mikailus
    mikailus ·

    Oh shit. No. This is a really, really bad idea, considering the horrible violence there? And cartels? What is wrong with everyone?!

  2. aeqnoct
    aeqnoct ·

    @mikailus You clearly have never been to Mexico city.
    What is wrong with sharing the LomoLove with Mexico? Lomography should not be limited by geography, much less by stereotypes or ignorance.

  3. mikailus
    mikailus ·

    @aeqnoct Well, I'm concerned about current and future Lomosexuals down there, considering the situation is getting nastier and nastier. And no, the violence in Mexico isn't a stereotype nor ignorance.

  4. aeqnoct
    aeqnoct ·

    @mikailus Ah, I see, the concern is for the people and/or future LomoPeople.
    Wouldn't it be better to express your support for the people who are innocent and caught in the middle of the violence, and those (more relevant to this article) who want to enjoy the pleasures of Lomo rather than to say it is a bad idea and that clearly something must be wrong with whoever came up with this idea of opening a LomoGallery in one of the biggest cities in the world?

    Yes, Mexico is a violent country. However, most of the violence of the so called drug-war happens in the north of the country. That is not to say that Mexico City is peaceful, it also suffers from violence and corruption but so do many other cities; the worst problem they suffer is indifference.

    Photography and Lomography can make people care. Good examples of this are the recent articles on Influential Photographs. Do you really think it would be a bad idea to see in the photo galleries the beautiful sights of the country (it has deserts and rain-forests, volcanoes and beaches, ruins of ancient civilizations and modern architecture)? Or pictures of the daily-life in their big city, also with it's own beauty and chaos? Or perhaps, why not, pictures that document their "war" which has claimed more lives in the last 3 years than the whole invasion of Iraq?

    I have nothing else to comment about this. All I have to say is "Buena Suerte!" to whomever decides to take Lomography to Mexico. May the LomoProphecies bring good and joy to the people of that crazy, huge and wonderful city.

  5. iaki
    iaki ·

    this looks like discrimination
    Mexico is not only violence. There is good people too. Mexico City is one of the biggest city of Latinameric and thanks LSI !

    In other side, I love to see soon a Latinamerica Site, where Mexico, CHILE!, Argentine, Perú, Columbia, will be together arround spanish language

  6. wario_eye
    wario_eye ·

    Hi, the fist comment is so absurd, please ask all your friends who knows mexico and then you can have a more realistic idea. Im so happy for this announcent, i have lot of friends who can apply, and also designers, architects. All the lomoembassys are more like a museum, i hope some big name in mexico take this important task maybe papalote museo del niño, the gdf, this annoucement must be in the local newspapers to gather all the great minds in Mexico and probably in 2012 have a big embassy, have awesome parties and most of all, every mexican have a lomo camera !!

    i already tweeted the news and ill try to speak to some press because ths is BIG!! thx lomography for thinking in Mexico city!!

  7. raypg
    raypg ·

    I feel that outside Mexico people see a lot of tv and movies, Mexico is not dangerous, is like a other country and I believe that there are more countries that have a high rate of crime but people just dont think about that.... any way I think opening a Lomography Gallery Store in Mexico City is a fantastic opportunity since we are a lot of people that love Lomography and analog experimentation. Too bad this is for Mexico City, but if this opportunity where in Guadalajara Mexico I will apply for this :D

  8. gnavarro17
    gnavarro17 ·

    @mikailus What's wrong with sharing the love to Mexico? If there are problems in Mexico do you think we need some of the LomoLove? Lomo Love for everyone!!

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