Lomo at Home (Frankfurt Bookfair, 2003)

There are so many ways to interpret certain objects, scenes, places etc. which is why you need to open your eyes to be able to explore these many different sides. Having a keen eye for details – even in the simplest of things shows you why Lomography, in spite of the advent of technology, is special.

Given that lomography is a worldwide movement, the Lomographic Society was happy to take part in the 2003 International Bookfair in Frankfurt through a special Lomography project. In order to fit the fair’s theme, “Russia”, the Lomographic Society came up with the Lomo@Home exhibition. The concept of this exhibition was to apply the Lomographic insight into Russian life – by Russian eyes, through Russian lenses.

The Lomography Society collaborated with various Russian personalities from all levels of social and cultural spheres (writers, artists, mothers, politicians, homeless people, farmers, intellectuals, workers, journalists) to shoot their daily lives in and about Russia. The end result was a diverse, controversial and authentic mix of Russian images in the summer of 2003. These were then displayed in more than 30 meters of LomoWall at the 500sqm of space of the Lomo@Home Lounge in the Frankfurt Bookfair.

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