Kids Rule Where?

Kids rule where? I was intrigued as I stumbled upon this slogan so I immediately checked out their website, looked for their location and go there for a shoot.

It is located in the heart of Pasig, Philippines and it’s very easy to find since in a distance you can already see the Big Red Barn. I was excited to go there and I brought along my nephews and my sister. Upon getting there, you will be welcomed with kiddie music in full blast. The place is packed with visually-appealing colors that we, as Lomographers, can’t resist. And to my surprise, there was no entrance fee so you can enjoy the kiddie atmosphere, reminisce on your childhood days while enjoying a hefty serving of ice cream, pizza, and burgers.

However, you have to pay a minimal fee in order to enjoy the arcade, the unending slides, Ferris Wheel, swing rides and the like. Not only can you see a magical frog that leaps and bounds or a whimsical carousel built solely for kids, you’ll also find shops that are child oriented like a mini salon, clothing stores, and arcades.

Parents, fear not for you can also enjoy coffee shops, salons, and spas while letting your child jump up and down in a sea of colorful balls or slide their way down while screaming their lungs out. Also, did I mention that when kids can’t get enough of their “kid power” for a day, they can also rent a place to celebrate their birthdays or any special event that you would like to celebrate. Take a pick between the Big Red Barn, Active Fun, and all the other goodness that this place can offer.

So the next time you get a chance to go to Pasig, bring your kid, your grandma or whoever you want to bring here and experience an atmosphere of happiness and excitement.

written by gelibee on 2011-03-14 #places #fun #kids #amusement #theme-park #location #venue #pasig #funranch

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