Mon Frere Diana

New to analogue photography, I happened upon my first doubles shot with a complete stranger in a foreign land.

This past January, my wife and I decided to leave “Colorful Colorado” to explore the beauty and architecture of Paris. I chose to take my brand new Diana F+ and document some of the magnificence that is Paris. Plus, I wanted to whet my appetite for analogue photography and use my cool new camera. I carried it around my neck everywhere we went, trying to follow the 10 Golden Rules and experiment.

Well, one day while waiting in line to ascend the Eiffel Tower, this young guy was running by when I stopped him. He had the same Diana F+ around his neck! Was it chance? Was it coincidence? I think not! It was clear what needed to be done, and following the 10 Golden Rules and experiment, we shot each other with no real prep time, then we parted and went our separate ways.

Credits: brogers

I hate to sound dramatic, but that moment was, dare I say, beautiful. I just wish I could find this guy so we can compare pictures and share our experiences á Paris.

Where was he running to? Where was he from? How long had he owned his Diana F+?

I hope you find this article, mon frere Diana.

written by brogers on 2011-05-20 #lifestyle #eiffel-tower #paris #fujifilm #france #diana-f #color-negative-film #doubles-shot

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