Canada's Now-and-Then Series: Vancouver, British Columbia


Lomography is taking over Canada, one analogue city at a time! We’ll be traveling coast to coast for this series, digging into old photo albums and our online lomographic community as we reminisce the development of our beautiful Canadian cities!

This week, we’ll look back at Vancouver’s analogue roots and how this popular city has developed to what it is today.

Vancouver, British Columbia has always been known for its bustling city core paired with its breathtaking natural scenery. Being surrounded by water and nestled along the Coast Mountain Range, you’ll definitely find yourself stopping to capture it all in a photograph.

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Due to its proximity to water, Vancouver has been a place of meeting, trade and settlement for thousands of years. The city was named after British naval Captain George Vancouver, who first arrived at Point Grey with his officer Peter Puget back in 1792. Puget also got some recognition in 1981 when his name was officially given to the southwest tip of Point Grey.

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Stanley Park, one of Vancouver’s main attractions, is a 404.9 hectare park. In case you can’t figure it out, that’s 10% larger than New York City’s Central Park! It just borders downtown Vancouver and has been opened since 1888. Historically, it belonged to several different indigenous peoples, hence the large collection of monuments which includes totem poles.

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Vancouver grew to eventually become one of the most livable cities in the world. You’d probably recognize many movie scenes as you’re walking along the streets since it is also a major film and television production center. The architecture in the city is also phenomenal, with some of its most notable buildings being the Vancouver Art Gallery, Hotel Vancouver and Robson Square.

Photos by: h_hache , carolbrowne , pixellatedspiff

This Canadian city was and is absolutely spectacular, and the world was lucky enough to see that as they hosted the 2010 Winter Olympics, not to mention, putting on quite the show as Canada took home the most medals (and gold!) on home turf. Ever.

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  1. dyluzo
    dyluzo ·

    Great artical ! Even though I live in BC I never been there always wanted too, but having kids and always traveling to Switzerland to see my mom we never traveled to Vancouver it is 13 hr by car not a quick trip either !!

  2. akosigloc
    akosigloc ·

    come to winnipeg please!

  3. ali55
    ali55 ·

    come to Vancouver Island - Victoria ;) that's where I am :D

  4. peewpeewbangwatcha
    peewpeewbangwatcha ·

    Love vancover. and BC in genral.
    My home away from home. might even move there one day.

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