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I have been Lomographing in Brighton for about three years now and have a long list of exciting places to shoot, which aren’t the West Pier! I think that my locations are probably more for the Brighton resident rather than the day tripper. They are quite tucked away and if you are a Lomo tourist there’s plenty to snap away right on the sea front!

Brighton Marina Graffiti

A walk down to the Marina and you will find a big car park area next to the gypsy site. (I noticed this on the bus to ASDA so keep an eye out.) Here there is lens popping, bright and colourful graffiti by the likes of IMBUE. I went down here with my Diana Mini for further investigation and got some really cool shots because of the puddles and the bright sunshine.

I also had my SuperSampler and a walk further along into the actual Marina means that you can see the fishing baskets, fishermen, boats. A bright sunny day makes for lots of fun and interesting things to shoot. Taking your boyfriend along means that the shots that need a person in them (I find some shots are like that) can be him.

Petrol Station Preston Park

A while ago I had to feed a friend’s kitten, and whilst walking up the hill around Preston Road, Lovers Walk and across the bridge over Preston Park Rail Station, I noticed an old petrol station. An analogue one in fact. It is also a car garage but with these pumps in front. A little retro-analogue piece of Britain hidden away. It was chucking it down (surprise, surprise) when I was there the first time so I made a sunnier trip there a few weeks later. The garage mechanics look at you like you are mental for wanting to take photos of petrol pumps, but I’ve found most people look at you pretty strangely when you have a brightly-coloured plastic camera attached to your face.

It’s something interesting and different to shoot. Check it out!

The Level – Funfair, Circus, Brighton Festival

The fair that comes to the Level every year is a fun one to shoot. If you’ve shot on the Pier you’ll get a bigger buzz from the fair. Long exposures of the rides and their neon lights made fantastic photos, and candy floss and prizes made interesting shots with my mates. I love the fair anyway but to record all that fun on film is even more exciting.

I used to live a few minutes away from the Level and although it’s full of crack addicts and a three-legged dog it also hosts things for the Brighton Festival. I’ve seen a whole house structure built there, carnival tents, bars, and the circus. Obviously it’s not always like that but check out the things that visit Brighton and then you’ll have a whole host of interesting photos that others might miss out on!

I feel like I should list the best Lomo Shops

Zoing Image

Zoing Image only sells Lomo cameras and Lomo-related products (they sell that sunography paper that I quite want to get my hands on). Serge, the owner has an extensive knowledge of Lomography and has also fixed my camera now and then when it has broken. Love going in here and seeing Serge’s SuperSampler photos.

Clock Tower Cameras

The guys here are super friendly. They sell some Lomo cameras and a lot of normal cameras, good for accessories, lens caps, film grabbers, and expired film.


In Kemp Town, these developers give student discount and is quick and fairly priced. They know about the different Lomography cameras and have manually scanned some of my Diana Mini film because of chopping and changing between square and half frame on the same film.

The Vault

LomoKev using The Vault which is also in Brighton but more expensive than Colourstream. As a poor student, and now a poor graduate, I haven’t been able to save up enough to use them, but if LomoKev uses them, they’ve got to be pretty damn good!

DO NOT go to Jessops or Boots. They don’t know what they are doing, it’s not their fault but it’s not worth the hassle.

I hope that this has helped you to be re-inspired by Brighton, or if you are a new resident to find some new haunts.

Click Click, Dendy x

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  1. welland
    welland ·

    Great article, i live in Hove and process at centrepoint, its a great cheap lab

  2. littlekoala
    littlekoala ·

    nice article!!! I´m thinking of making a trip to the petrol station!!!!

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