Notes In Bombay : Part 1 : The Dramatics


There is something about the cloudy sky which I love, it weaves drama and makes the whole environment a bit tense. And which better place to be with a cloudy sky than the sea side in Bombay

I visited Bombay a couple of months ago in the rainy season. There is something about the rain which I love and deeply contemplate about. Rain makes everything better, everything more challenging and way more deep. I love rain.

Now Bombay has a bad reputation when it comes to the monsoons. It clogs and coughs and basically comes to a complete halt for 3-4 days. So why choose to go to Bombay in the rains? Because when it rains, it makes all the clouds go black which I love, it reminds me of poems and paintings from the Romanticism period of art.

Rain makes the nights in Bombay shiny, the roads shimmer with reflection of the night lights and it makes the day dark and intense. Rain makes people wear raincoats which I love and rain makes patterns on glass windows.

Rain makes you stay up with thunderstorms in the night, rain makes small puddles on the road which reflect the world. It makes small droplets on the leaves and it makes the streets all empty.

Rain makes you hear all the old jazz songs on radio, makes you stand in traffic and smoke cigs, makes you feel the drops on the fingertips of your hands.

Rain makes you cry for someone you love, makes you want to make love and makes you want to drink. It makes you want to drive and make funny faces on the windows of the car.

So tell me if I should have chosen any other season to go to bombay?

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  1. anushreegavas
    anushreegavas ·

    Akshay...absolutely beautiful article....tells us that you really did have fun on your trip to Bombay. beautiful words and beautiful proud of you : )

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