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I found this little compact beauty in a shop for used cameras. I paid 200 swedish kronas for it, approximately 20 euros. It turned out to be worth every penny!

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I haven´t found out a lot about the history of this camera. The Ricoh company has a quite long history of making cameras (and a lot of other stuff, too). The FF1 emerged on the market in the late -70s. The FF1 can be compared with the Minox 35 (1978).
Basically I enjoy this camera because of the flexibility, the very fine optics and the size.
First of all, the lens is collapsible, which means that this little beauty fits neatly in your pocket! The optics are of excellent quality, which gives a high resolution touch to your pictures. The distance is set manually which give you the opportunity to decide if you want sharp or blurry images. The aperture could either be set manually (2.8 – 16), or be set in the “A” position, which means, surprise, automatic. The shutter speed is set automatic on the basis of information from the tiny exposure meter. The downside of the camera is the lack of a rangefinder, but that’s really no problem for the true lomographer! A red light shines in the viewfinder when the exposure time tends to get long.
I have tried the FF1 with Fuji superia 200, and Agfa vista 400, both color negative. I found out that the camera works really good both for taking snapshots and for more “planned” shots. It works excellent during tricky light-conditions and I have managed to get some nice shots in daytime as well as the nighttime! The ff1 gives you really strong colors. I think maybe the colors are on the cold side, but that tends to give the pictures a “superreal” touch! If you find one, buy one! Put it in your pocket and get some shots of whatever you like, be it people, buildings, nature – the results will astonish you!!! And; the FF1 is really easy to use! This is my favourite camera at the moment!

written by snisko on 2008-11-26 #gear #review #vintage #35mm-film #snapshots #ricoh-ff1


  1. superlighter
    superlighter ·

    image #11 is my fave! interesting camera.

  2. makeyuu
    makeyuu ·

    its great! i also have one!

  3. makeyuu
    makeyuu ·

    id like to submit images to this album

  4. makeyuu
    makeyuu ·

    i mean article

  5. superlighter
    superlighter ·

    finally got one from ebay for only 14 euro! I can't wait to try it!

  6. chinalomo
    chinalomo ·

    very nice introduction here, thanks a lot.
    I am a lomo fan from china, love film, and got a FF-1, a cool camera from that period of 70's. Will post some pics on this web.

  7. souleimans
    souleimans ·

    Great article! I just bought one, but I have a problem with it. After about 6 or 7 exposures the shutter stops working. Anybody knows what can cause that, and what brand of batteries should I buy for it? Thank you!

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