Fisheye Viewfinder is a Lens, Too!


Beside giving you a fisheye view for picture taking, the fisheye2 viewfinder can become a supercool lens, too!

All you need to do is to detach the cute little round viewfinder from the fisheye2 camera, and attach it as a ‘fisheye lens’ on another camera, and it’s worked!

Due to the fisheye2 viewfinder is quite small, perhaps this only work well on camera which has a small lens,
for example the Vivitar Wide & Slim. You may need some simple tools like rubber band and tapes for this DIY, or even just simply hold it with one hand, and click the shutter with another.

Focusing and estimating the exposure can be tricky, just follow your feeling and try out your luck :)

written by watttan on 2011-04-10 #gear #tutorials #camera #tipster #fisheye-fisheye2-viewfinder-diy-lens-superwide-wide


  1. orangeuke
    orangeuke ·

    love it! Sounds like the doorspy in the online shop

  2. lighttomysoul
    lighttomysoul ·


  3. ginnys
    ginnys ·

    My friend tried that too, with my the viewfinder of my fisheye2 on his digital compact! Was fun to see how the camera went crazy, zooming in and out, non-stop, trying to focus... not understanding what was that! ;)

  4. awesomesther
    awesomesther ·

    now, 1 more reason to love the fisheye and maybe get it soon... hahaha...
    and @ginnys that's funny! :D

  5. yattering
    yattering ·

    This is cool and funny. (:

  6. natalieerachel
  7. fahlavy
    fahlavy ·

    now i hav a use for it... =)

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