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With this tip, you will get to know the secret on how to transform a normal roll of film into something spectacularly soaked one!

I put a reel c-41 200 on my underwater camera, I took some silly pictures underwater, without paying much attention. When I finished, I knew what kind of camera I had used and the amount of water that had come into the camera and then into the spool – it was another experiment for the collection!

When I took the roll to the photolab, they told me that the it was wet and it could damage other rolls waiting to be developed from other customers, I had no choice but to accept their decision, so I came back home with and immediately taken my film to be dried for a few days and returned to the lab once again for processing.

The results reminded me of the last show I saw at the Fundació Miró by Pipilotti Rist. If you want to try, you know, you just have to submerge your roll of film with salt water, and then to dry it! I wish you like it!

written by cohetesnaranjas on 2011-04-08 #gear #tutorials #water #film #underwater #tipster
translated by lori_an

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