Four Days in Benicassim

Benicassim is a city in the Valencian community where the International Benicassim Festival, a large cultural event takes place. While the main point of the event is indie music, you can also enjoy other forms of art here such as dance and film. IBF takes place during the month of July where thousands and thousands of young people around the world meet for the first four days of the event.

In addition to this musical event, Benicassim offers a wide variety of beaches. Heliopolis Beach is a remarkable example of urban growth that took place in the 60s.

There were a lot of vacationers in this beach who served as common images in the summer like children playing in the sand, friends, families, surfers, swimmers, sandcastle lovers, and nap fans among others. A whole endless stream of people who all made for interesting subjects for my Holga 135 which was loaded with a B&W 400 CN reel.

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translated by lori_an

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