Big Surprises in a Mini Camera

Always wished of getting those dreamy pictures that the Diana F+ offers, but on 35mm film? Well with the Diana Mini you can make all those wishes come true….on square AND half-frame shots!

After clicking on the “Checkout” button, I knew that Love would really be In the Air once my Diana Mini arrived at my doorstep. And what can I say? I now know what it’s like to fall in love…..Diana Mini love that is.

The Diana Mini has so many benefits for all those analogue photographers that are tired of spending money on 120 film. Though there are no full frame shots, the Diana Mini offers you two special frames! The square frame format for capturing a wider range…..

And the half-frame format for capturing a smaller range, but for combining two pictures on to one photo….

All of my dreams of dreamy pictures have finally come to life! Not only do I get beautifully colored photos on these two formats, but I can also layer my photos.

The Diana Mini offers you a limitless amount of multiple exposures on each photo. Whether you’re shooting on square or half-frame, let your imagination go wild with all the possibilities the Mini has for you!

A big plus to the Diana Mini is the bursts of color I get with the Diana+ Flash and Color Gels. There’s 12 different colors to choose from, and to combine, to get a little pop of color for your darker photos.

With the Diana Mini there’s nothing that you can’t do to get beautiful photos. Use a square or half-frame, pop on that flash, slide in a color gel, take multiple exposures, or leave it on Bulb to do a little light painting….there are no rules for taking the best shots a Mini has to offer!

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