The Carnival of New Year!

Why is it that we celebrate the New Year so? People put on silly hats, drink, dance, sing and party like it’s 1999. This kind of carnival is celebrated mainly on the turnover of the new year on the calendar but in some cultures it is celebrated on different days. One thing is for sure, you can capture great photos at this carnival wherever you are in the world!

When people mention fireworks, sparklers or vuvuzelas, I immediately think of New Years Eve celebrations. This year was my third New Years in Canada and the first ever without watching the fireworks over the top of water because we have moved to a land bound city in Ontario, London. This year was probably the least intoxicated I’ve been on New Years since turning 18 and this allowed me to be able to still be able to operate my favorite party camera, the Lomography Fisheye.

I think I like the fisheye (2, mine in pink) for carnivals and celebrations of all kinds the most because it is compact, has a flash so it good at night time for photos of people and it also looks funky so it is a good conversation starter. Also, because it is analog you can get away with taking people watching photos more easily.

What are some of your favorite carnivals to go to and lomograph? What’s your favorite camera for a celebration?

written by erinwoodgatesphotography on 2011-03-14 #lifestyle #carnival #drinking #canada #singing #happy #celebration #dancing #new-year #silly-hat #countdown #london-ontario #snow-ice

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