North Shore Road Trippin'

With the price of gas so high, a short but scenic road trip around the north shores of Oahu becomes a special treat. Cameras, snacks, and film loaded let’s press play on the iPod and enjoy.

The road trip starts by heading over the H3 freeway which cuts straight through the center of the island of Oahu. After heading away from Pearl Harbor you drive up into the hills and pass into the tunnel. Emerging on the other side of the mountains and the other side of the island you descend to Kaneohe.

Now heading northward, all that needs to be done is stick to Kamehameha Highway which hugs the coast of the North Shore. By heading in this direction you guarantee yourself some of the most amazing views the island has to offer. Along the way you pass Waikane, Ka’a’awa, Punalu’u, and lay La’ie.

You’ll need not worry about gas or food levels at this point because each of these small country towns is ready to serve all road trippers. And you’ll need to just trust me when I say people drive around the island for enjoyment every single day. Though the weekends maybe be slow going with locals now on the road too as they head to favorite surfing and fishing spots along the way.

Once you pass La’ie you’ll head slightly away from the edge of the beach. On this leg of the trip you’ll pass all the shrimp trucks and shrimp farms that advertise how they are world famous. Also you will pass the new giant wind turbines as well as lots of farm land.

Suddenly you’ll find yourself back hugging the ocean as you pass through the most iconic of the North Shore of Oahu towns. First there is Waimea with its famous beaches Sunset Beach, Pupukea and Waimea Bay. Then you’ll slip into your last town of Hale’iwa. Hale’iwa is quintessentially “North Shore” in all things. And here you’ll also say goodbye to your road trip along the sea. So I suggest you stop. Get a serving of shaved ice in tropical flavors. Grab a bite to eat and fill the gas tank. All that is left, is to turn off of Kemehameha Highway and into the 99 which will take you back home.

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